Employer / Investor: International Construction Development Corporation (ICDC) (Public Listed Company (PLC))
Contract Manager: Peyman Ghadir Corporation
Project Consultant: Peyman Ghadir Corporation
Land Area: 1,652
Total building area: 15,838
Serviceable floor area: 10,928
Total number of floors: 18 floor
Total number of Apartments: 43 Units
Number of parkings: ۶۱ Units
Employer’s share: 100%
Project’s Completion date : January 2009

Residential units: Ground to 14th floor
Parkings: 1st  to 3rd floors

Average area of residential units: 170 square meters (m2)

Structure type: Steel structure
Facade specifications: Dry ceramic and glass
Cooling & heating systems: Central engine room and Chiller
Type of heating installation: Central engine room

Special facilities:

  • Security Camera (CCTV)
  • Fire Alarm and Firefighting system
  • Air conditioning system
  • Central Antenna and lightening protection system
  • elevator
  • Emergency power system

Swimming pool and sauna

Yas tower, Yas dead end, Rouhani St., Lavasani St.

Date: ۲۰۱۶-۰۹-۲۱

Physical progress percentage: 100%

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