• Employer / Investor: International Construction Development Corporation (ICDC) (Public Listed Company (PLC))
  • Contract Manager: A.S.P. Company
  • Project Consultant: CETEC France Consulting Engineers
  • Land Area: 35,000 square meters (m2)
  • Total building area: 220,000 square meters (m2)
  • Serviceable floor area: 126,000 square meters (m2)
  • Total number of floors: 56
  • Total number of Apartments: 571 residential units
  • Number of parking’s: 950 units
  • Employer’s share: 100%
  • Project’s Completion date: May 2007
  • Residential units: 1st upto 56th floor (except for the 35th  mezzanine floor which hosts installations)
  • Commercial stores: Ground floor
  • Restaurant and Food court: 1st Floor – The center of B and C wings
  • Parking and storage units: -1st to -3rd floors 
  • Conference Hall
  • Swimming pool and GYM

Residential units: 150,000 (per square meter)

Area and type of residential units:

  • ۴۳ Suite Units (43 meters)
  • ۱۷۲  Two bedroom units (168 to  ۱۸۰ meters)
  • ۳۱۳ three bedroom units (220 to 306 meters)
  • ۱۶ four bedroom units (414 to 591 meters)
  • and Triplex penthouse (295 to 591 meters)

Commercial stores: 21 units

Tower structural system: reinforced concrete load bearing walls (main walls) consisting of three-pronged star shaped main walls with 120° angles, and secondary walls perpendicular to the main walls, Strong against vertical and side loads with simple slab roof.

Moment-resisting frame: Concrete retaining wall with simple slab roof

Facade specifications: pre-cast pieces from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) height: 3m, depth: 70m, and width of 207-160 cm

Type of heating and cooling installation:

  • Central engine room: -3rd floor basement
  • Secondary engine room: Top floors of the tower
  • Hot water supply: 3 hybrid boilers 30.000 lb/hr (one reserve boiler) located in the central engine room (gas and diesel consumption system)
  • Cold water supply: 4 two-stage absorption chillers with the capacity of 870 tons of (one reserve chiller)
  • Additional equipments: Air conditioners, pumps, coil tanks, expansion tanks, converters, installations in the engine room and cooling towers located on the premises.
  • Public areas conditioning by air conditioners.
  • Independent air conditioning for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Intelligent Building Management System (BMS) for building and elevators
  • Fire alarm and  extinguishing system
  • Virtual CCTV System with Physical Access Control
  • Passenger and freight elevator
  • Central Antenna and lightening protection system
  • Exquisite landscape  and vast attractive green space
  • Privacy of units (Absence disturbing overlook)
  • Emergency power supply during blackout
  • Entire sound insulation (noise reduction and soundproofing)

Tehran, tehran

Date: ۲۰۱۶-۰۹-۲۱

Physical progress percentage: 100%

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