Employer / Investor : A.S.P. Company & Tehran Renovation Organization
Land Area: 20,100 square meters (m2)
Total building area: 130,000 square meters (m2)
Serviceable floor area: 59,950 square meters (m2)
Total number of floors : 7 floors (including three parkings and four commercial floors)
Total number of Apartments : under design
Number of parkings: 1336
Employer’s share: A.S.P. company and Renovation Organization (negotiating to change percentage of share) respectively with 65%   and 35% shares
Project’s Completion date : ongoing

Residential units: NO
Commercial stores: -1st, Ground,1st and 2nd floors
Restaurant and Food court: The 2nd floor is under design
Hypermarket: The -1 floor is under design
Parkings: -2nd  to -4th  floors

Commercial stores : 21973 square meters (m2) under redesign
Stores’ area: under redesign
Restaurant, food court, and coffee shop: 1636 square meters (m2) under redesign
Amusement Park: 3090 square meters (m2) under redesign
Hypermarket: 7964 square meters (m2) under redesign
Cinema: 2554 square meters (m2) under redesign

Structure type: بتن مسلح با دیوار برشی همراه با سقف کوبیاکس

Facade specifications:

  • Residential building facade: Stone (mortared) for Ground floor and washed concrete or hammer concrete (approved design)
  • commercial building’s facade mortared stone (approved design)
  • Administrative building’s facade: Composite (approved design)
  • Cooling system: Absorption chiller and Ceiling Concealed Fan Coilunit at commercial and administrative sectors, and cooler in residential units
  • Heating system: Hot water boiler and Ceiling Concealed Fan Coil unit at commercial and administrative sectors, and radiator with central engine room in residential units
  • Contract Manager: A.S.P Company
  • Project Consultant: Sharestan Consulting Engineers
  • Fire Alarm and Firefighting system: Included – Sprinkler in the parkings and Smoke Detector, Heat Detector, and Firebox in floors
  • Air conditioning system: Air conditioner and fan coil in commercial and administrative sectors
  • Central Antenna and lightening protection system: Included
  • elevator: 15 machines (4 units in each residential block and 3 units in the administrative section)
  • Emergency power system : Generator

Address: Khavaran St. intersection- Imam Ali Highway, Tehran,Iran

Date: ۲۰۱۶-۰۹-۲۱

Physical progress percentage: 12%

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