Investors :

  • International Construction Development Corporation (ICDC) with 70% share
  • Narenjestan-e-Zibaye Shomal Company with 30% share
  • Project Contract Manager: Narenjestan-e-Zibaye Shomal Company
  • Project Consultant: Peyman Ghadir Corporation
  • Land Area: ۲۴,۶۵۸square meters (m2)
  • Total building area: ۵۵,۱۸۷ square meters (m2)
  • Serviceable floor area : ۲۹,۷۴۵ square meters (m2)
  • Total number of floors: 11 floor
  • Total number of commercial and residential units: 410
  • Number of parkings: 930 unit
  • Project’s Completion date: January 2021
  • Location of commercial stores:  ۵th to 9th  floors
  • Residential unit:  ۵th to 9th  floors
  • Parkings:  -۱st  to ground floor
  • Amusement park, gym, and cinema: -1st floor
  • Restaurant: 9th floor
  • Commercial stores: 14,341 square meters (m2)
  • Total area of administrative units: از ۳۰ to 150 square meters (m2)
  • Total area of ​​residential units: ۱۰,۲۱۸ square meters (m2)
  • Area of residential units: ۱۰۰ square meters (m2)
  • Restaurant : ۸۴۹ square meters (m2)
  • Food court: 1,144 square meters (m2)
  • Hypermarket: 3,193 square meters (m2)
  • Structure type: Steel structure
  • Facade specifications: Glass and ceramic combination
  • Air conditioning system: Central engine room and chiller with splits for the units
  • heating systems: Central engine room and splits for the units

Special facilities:

  • Intelligent Building Management System (BMS)
  • Security Camera (CCTV)
  • Fire Alarm and Firefighting system
  • Air conditioning system
  • Central Antenna and lightening protection system
  • elevator and escalator
  • Emergency power system
  • Restaurant and food court with a pleasant atmosphere and magnificent view to the Caspian Sea
  • Coffee Shop
  • Conference hall
  • Cinema
  • Hypermarket

Address: Across from Narenjestan Hotel, Noor-Mahmoudabad road 7th kilometer, Izadshahr, Mazandaran, Iran

Date: 9/22/2017
Physical progress percentage: 42%
Physical progress of phase 1 (A,B,and C Blocks): B 72%

Sales office phone number: 00982188538618
Sales office address: Number 11, 8th Bokharest alley, Ahmad Ghasir Ave., Arzhantin Sq., Tehran, Iran

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