• Kish Royaye Zendegi company (Limited Liability Company (LLC)) with 50% share
  • Kish Investment & Development Company with 50% share


  • Land Area: 42,000 square meters (m2)
  • Total building area: 25,282 square meters (m2)
  • Serviceable floor area: 18,561 square meters (m2)
  • Number of blocks: Twenty seven 6-Unit Blocks
  • Total number of floors: floors (The 3rd floor is duplex)
  • Residential units: 162 units
  • Number of parkings: 161 Units
  • Project’s Completion date: April 2014
  • Area and type of residential units: 63 to 155 square meters (m2)

Structure type: concrete structure
Facade specifications: White and Walnut Travertine stone
Cooling & Heating systems: Split unit

  • commercial stores and services
  • coffee shop
  • Sports and educational centers
  • children’s playground
  • exclusive site and green space
  • Running track, pergola and musical fountain
  • Parking garage

Address: Across from Marjan market, Marjan Beach, Kish Island, Iran

Date: Date: 9/22/2017

Physical progress: 40%

Sales Office Telephone: 021 – 88538601 – 2
Sales Office Address: Kish Royaye Zendegi company, 3rd floor, number 11, 8th Bokharest alley, Ahmad Ghasir Ave., Arzhantin Sq., Tehran, Iran

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