• Employer / Investor: A.S.P. Company and private sector participation
  • Project Consultant: Hamkaran-e Me’mari va Sazeh consulting engineers
  • Land Area: 3,000 square meters (m2)
  • Total building area: 12,600 square meters (m2)
  • Serviceable floor area: 7,200 square meters (m2)
  • Total number of floors: 14 floor
  • Total number of Apartments: 32 units
  • Number of parkings: ۵۷ units
  • Employer’s share: 100%
  • Project’s Completion date : 2015
  • Residential units: Ground to 14th floor
  • Parkings: -1st  to -4th floors
  • Total area of ​​residential units: 7,200 square meters (m2)
  • Area of ​​residential units: 225 to 356 square meters (m2)
  • Project structure system: steel structure with shear walls
  • Combination of light brown creamy Travertine stone and cement edges with colored cement coating
  • Central engine room: engine room including steel boilers, water-softner, coil tanks and respective pumps
  • Hot water supply: 2 Steel boiler
  • Air conditioning for kitchens and toilets: Ceiling or wall hoods and central exhaust on the roof
  • Absorption chiller
  • Fan coil and central engine room
  • Intelligent Building Management System (BMS)
  • Security Camera (CCTV)
  • Fire Alarm and Firefighting system
  • Air conditioning system
  • Central Antenna and lightening protection system
  • Elevator: 2 Passenger elevators and 1 Freight elevator
  • Emergency power system: ۱ diesel generator

Address: No. 15, Banoo Alley, Hafez St., Estanbul, Rumi Bridge, Shariati St., Tehran, Iran

Project’s Completion date: 2016/09/21

Physical progress percentage: 100%

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Sales Office Address: 


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