By considering the general policies of the resistance economy and the sixth development program announced by the Supreme Leader and based on the goals set by Ghadir Investment Corporation (GIC) in the field of construction, and to provide safe, efficient, and superb buildings for customers, the International Construction Development Corporation (ICDC) has outlined the following criteria for the coming 5 years:

  • Transforming into the largest corporation listed in the mass construction, real estate category of the stock market based on “net asset value” and “profitability” indexes.
  • Transforming into the top-of-the-line macro developer in Iran’s construction industry
  • Becoming a pioneering in the realm of multipurpose complexes construction and high rise development in Iran’s construction industry
  • Geographical Expansion of activities, especially in free and special economic zones
  • Effective international presence through consortia and foreign partnerships
  • Design and implementation of effective customer satisfaction measurement system to adapt our services and products to customers’ requirements.
  • Providing a a comprehensive human resources management to enhance the staffs’ expertise, abilities, and satisfaction.

International Construction Development Corporation (ICDC) has almost 30 years of experience in the realm of construction in Iran. As the specialized holding of construction and housing department at Ghadir Investment Corporation and being a major developer in construction industry, ICDC carries out a gamut of activities directly or through subsidiary companies.

ICDC’s existence philosophy is considered to be the provision of safe, efficient, durable, and beautiful buildings for its customers and its mission is depicted in the following five scopes:

Product Scope

ICDC’s main field of activities are land development and preparation, high-rise and mass constructions, and multipurpose complexes and settlements constructions. Ergo, its services and products are as follows:

  • Land development and preparation
  • Construction of various buildings with residential, commercial, administrative applications and other applications such as cultural, recreational, sports, and tourist
  • Marketing, sales, and rental services and exploitation of real estate
  • Technical engineering services such as feasibility study, design, and supervision and project management in the construction industry
  • Establishment of land and building funds to finance projects and investments of the company
  • Commercial and trade services in the building industry

Customer Scope

The costumers of ICDC can be divided into five categories:

  • All natural and legal entities  applying for construction purchase, and exploitation of building units with residential, commercial, administrative, cultural, recreational, and sports applications
  • All natural and legal entities applying for financing and investment in the construction industry
  • All natural and legal entities applying for technical and engineering services in the construction industry
  • All natural and legal entities applying for commercial and trade services in the building industry

Market Scope (geographic focus)

ICDC’s activities in terms of geographic focus can be divided into domestic and overseas divisions:

Domestic Market:

  • Tehran, East Azarbaijan, Razavi Khorasan, Mazandaran, Gilan, Fars, Alborz, Khuzestan, Ardebil, and North Khorasan by focusing on metropolitan and provincial centers
  • Free and special economic zones such as Kish, Qeshm, Anzali, Aras, Mehran, Jask, and Mokran considering the special status of the real estate sector in the abovementioned areas.

Overseas Market:

  • Neighboring countries such as Iraq, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, and Oman
  • Countries having special economic relations with Iran such as Belarus, South Africa, and Iraq

Stakeholders division

ICDC is looking to maximize value for all its stakeholders by creating a creative and innovative thinking at all organizational levels in the technical, financial, and economic areas within the strategic framework of Ghadir Investment Corporation.

In this regard, ICDC seeks to increase profitability and value creation in order to maximize its shareholders’ satisfaction. In addition to the provision safe, efficient, and beautiful buildings, the corporation is committed to satisfy its customers by providing high quality products and fulfilling its obligations.

Having a comprehensive plan, ICDC provides guidance and counseling to its subsidiary companies to meet the planned goals and pursues the raise in the quality of staffs’ working lives and the and qualitative development of human resources in the organization.

Considering Islamic-Iranian culture and values, ICDC seeks the provision of decent and worthy products for the community and by the efficient production and utilization of the state-of-the-art and sustainable technologies and based on the general policies of the resisting economy it strives for the preservation of the resources and environment of the country.

Competency and Competitive Advantages:

  • Boasting a valuable experience and great professional reputation of almost 34 years In the construction industry and implementation of projects such as the International Tower of Tehran (the tallest residential tower of Iran)
  • Being amongst 3 first companies of mass construction and real estate field In the stock market (based on the market value of the day)
  • Being the main developer in the construction industry and having the complete chain of construction management services and exploitation
  • Having extensive manufacturing experience in different parts of the country And enjoying international experiences
  • Utilizing the construction management technical knowledge especially in fields of mass, settlements, and high-rise constructions
  • Boasting strategic relations with governmental organizations and decision making institution trusted by large corporations such as Ghadir Investment Corporation
  • Boasting efficacious relations with credit providers in the money and capital market (banks and capital providing companies)
  • Applying the state-of-the-art techniques of marketing and sales in construction industry
  • Boasting experienced and capable human resources and promoting competent managers

Considering the values of Ghadir Investment Corporation as a parent company and main shareholder, International Construction Development Corporation (ICDC) has based the basis of its activities on the following values:

  • Honesty, trustworthiness, respecting principles, Islamic ethics and Iranian culture
  • Responsibility and respect for customers
  • Commitment to the quality and technical and engineering criteria in the provision of products and services
  • Institutionalizing the quality of the entire product value chain
  • Promoting employees’ quality of working life by the utilization of a comprehensive human resource management system
  • Commitment to laws, regulations, standards, principles of professional ethics, and social values
  • Responsibility for the environment, environmental pollutants reduction and optimization of energy consumption
  • Utilizing new technologies in the process of production with the aim of the realization of sustainable construction idea

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