International Construction Development Corporation (ICDC) was first registered on January 28, 1986 as the ‘Building Investment Company” No. 3552 (Limited Liability Company (LLC)) in Tabriz. Following the resolutions of the extraordinary general assemblys’ meeting from 1998 to 2004, the legal location of the company was moved from Tabriz to Tehran and it was registered as No. 142583 at the Tehran Company Registration Office.

ICDC (Public Listed Company (PLC)) has entered Tehran Stock Exchange on 07/07/2004 and has been registered as the 144th corporation among other stock market listed companies.

As the construction holding of Ghadir Investment Corporation (GIC) (Major Shareholder), ICDC enjoys the technical and engineering potentials of its subsidiaries and is considered as the largest corporation of the construction industry in stock market which is taking steps toward realizing the developed goals and strategies of GIC multidisciplinary holding.

Holding introduction

According to Article 2 of the corporation’s statute of association, the main objectives are:

۱) The purchase and sale of properties and land for the construction of towns, building complexes, and factories
۲) Partnership and investment, construction and rental of building materials manufacturing plants
۳) The purchase, sale, and rental of buliding and road construction machinery and equipments for domestic and foreign purposes
۴) Establishment of the new companies with the participation of natural and legal persons
۴) Subscription, sale, purchase, and trading of shares, other domestic and foreign securities, and additional affairs related to the corporations business.

According to the latest resolution of the shareholders’ extraordinary general assembly on 13/08/2017, the capital of the ICDC has increased to 6,000 billion Rials (6 billion shares eqach worth 1000 Rials).

  • A.S.P. Company (LLC)
  • Tisa Kish Company  (LLC)
  • Kish Royaye Zendegi company (LLC)
  • Narenjestan-e-Zibaye Shomal Company (LLC)
  • Pars Sazeh Company (LLC)
  • Peyman Ghadir Corporation (LLC)
  • Behsan Pars Company (LLC)
  • Ofoq-e Sazeh Paya Company (LLC)
  • Sarpanah Fars (LLC)
  • Ghadir Khouzestan Corporation (LLC)
  • Arya Omran Pars Design and Development Company (LLC)
  • Baghmisheh Urbanization and Housing (PLC)
  • Pardis Atlas Pars Company (LLC)
  • Omran Qeshm Company (LLC)
  • Padid Avaran Atlas Pars Company (LLC)
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