Strength activities in free and special economic zones

Just then: Construction of Ghadir was put into place by 100 percent increase in capitalization in terms of rank and assets in the first poll so that several years later, a serious development in the construction industry would be created.

Managing Director of International Conductance Building Building Development as one of the largest economic sectors in the country, which brings many of its upcoming and affiliated activities.

According to Razakamarani, over the past three years, the decline in projected oil revenues, the decline in the general budget of the country, the decline in purchasing power, the increase in people’s expectations in the hope of improving economic conditions, the demand for construction sector has been significantly reduced.

He continued, so that in this direction, the average price level fell sharply to reduce the benefits of construction.

According to the managing director of the International Building Development Company, the building industry is currently facing an increase in supply commitments due to the number of structural permits issued to meet the demand and lack of construction needs for consumption in many areas and market segments, especially in big cities And there are some marginal cities.

He went on to say that he would plan future plans for this holding and to complete active projects with the priority of higher physical development, settling or transforming into objects of assets and real estate, the company, acting as a developer, investing in indicators Project, reimbursement and planning for using banking as the programs that the holding has made in order to realize them.

The official said on the guarantee that the Narenjestan 2 Commercial Complex, Saadi Shiraz Commercial Complex, Megaparest Multifunctional Complex, Tijraj Business Complex, Sina Horizons Physicians’ Building, Kish Dream Residential Complex, Sparrow Administrative Complex and Residential Complex meet as The projects of this company are considered to be the priority.

He said in his plans for the project: “At present, this complex has 39 projects with a total of 1,419,444 square meters.

He estimated the last estimated construction of these projects is 27,572 billion rials, which in total, the projects under implementation by the company have a 66% improvement in physical development.

In addition, the collection is in the process of continuing its work on 9 projects, the total basement of which is based on the preliminary design of 863 681 square meters.

According to the risk of building industry, market and competitive environment, Kamrani said: In order to cover these risks, investment from 3 trillion rials to 6 trillion rials has increased. This raise capital is taking place from the place where cash flows and claims are being paid to shareholders.

Managing Director of International Building Development Holding said: In fact, due to this increase in capital, attempts have been made to improve the financial corporation of these companies by reforming the financial structure.

He said that, given the entry of finance into the increase in capital, the projects underway will be active, said that the group intends to expand its scope of activities in the development and free and development sectors Special economic.


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